Basic rules of roulette

Roulette bets are governed by the rules of the table. That is, there is a minimum wagering requirement and a maximum limit. These amounts determine how much players can bet on any individual number or selection of numbers. The types of bets available include red or black, odd or even, low bets, high bets, first dozen, half dozen, last dozen, column bets, line bets, corner bets, street bets, split bets and straight bets. Read more below.

Are roulette results based on chance?

There is a widespread belief that certain betting systems can help roulette players during their gaming sessions. Such erroneous beliefs lead only to losses. You might be able to find responsible gambling at all times, be it online roulette, online slots, online blackjack or online scratch games. Gambling is a hobby based on chance. There are no number of riddles, predictions, statistical analysis, or magic conjurations that help players with their betting selections at roulette. Each turn is completely independent of any other turn. Some mathematicians are quick to jump on this notion by listing the probability of an event occurring or not. Players only need to remember one rule: each spin is completely independent of the other.

Summary of rules and game types

New players are introduced to a wide range of roulette games, their bet types and rules. It is important to understand the differences between online and live roulette games and traditional or physical games. Each variant is different, but it shares similarities with all the other games. European roulette and French roulette have a green 0 and numbers ranging from 1 to 36. American roulette has a green 0 and 00, in addition to the numbers 1 to 36. These differences, however small, change the house edge. For players, there is only one rule to remember: each spin on the roulette wheel is completely independent. The best advice is the simplest: understand the rules of each game, the betting options and the playability.