Are Lottery Jackpots Hiding Out?

In my most recent posts, I’ve talked about lottery strategies that make use of the bell-shaped curves that are a part of certain lottery features. These curves are often used for lottery winners to increase your chances to win the jackpot. Like all my posts I wanted to generate some interest. That was the result. However, during this process it is apparent that I’ve created an controversy over lottery jackpots.

It’s a great day when lottery players are fired over my most favorite subject. Their excitement brightens my day. I’m not afraid of debate, and in fact, I love it. It’s the fuel to my mill. In this case it seems like I created an anthill. For the sake of civility, a cleaned version of their complaint will look something like this:

Bell-shaped curves might be attractive, but lottery jackpots aren’t!

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There’s no way to describe this better. My lottery critics are right completely and all over the board. Every lotto follows this bell-shaped distribution, both in theory and, as I affirm with a firm hand the reality! Also, a analysis of the numbers for any lottery will be able to prove my point. I hope this makes my view on the matter transparent to everyone.

You want me to confirm the things I’ve stated. That’s fine. If you were sitting in my computer, I would try to make my case using one of my most favorite games. I would begin with something like “Go ahead and pick any lottery you want.” Then, I’d proceed using my lottery software program to show that in the case of jackpots from lottery games I’m on the winnings.

This is how it should be. The first step is to pick any lottery you like. Then, you’d pick one of the performance characteristics that interest you. Then I would show the theoretical bell-shaped curve for this particular performance characteristic. This is an example of one of the graphs you have a problem with. Then, I will present you with the exact graph that shows what actually transpired by using the actual lottery numbers.

As an example, suppose you picked to play the Florida Lotto. You would then be looking at the theoretical graph for the 372 draws that have occurred in the past (over three and a half years). Then, I would show you the exact curve for the lottery winning jackpot numbers. Surprise it’s an oblong-shaped curve. What transpired during the 372 drawings ‘ history is exactly as the theory predicted. In this scenario the two graphs should look like a hand glove.

Shocked? Do you believe me? Are you convinced that this is a parlor game? Or perhaps you’re not happy and have decided to get down on your heels and stick with your firearms. In the end, it might just be an oddity. Fine. We’ll repeat it. You can choose.

The next round is to play the Mega Millions lottery. Here, I will show both the theoretical and actual graphs for the previous 372 drawings. Surprise! Again both graphs are exactly identical.

Lottery Jackpots

You still can’t believe the things you’re experiencing? No? Yes, then select another lottery. And then, the New York Lotto it is. You don’t know. The graphs match. The results of the lottery jackpot will always be in line with the predictions of theoretical distributions. I would like to challenge anyone to come up with an example in which the theoretical and the actual lottery jackpot distributions don’t coincide.

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